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Greenland kayak builders
By:Rob Rymill
Date: 8/18/1998, 1:36 am

Next year I am thinking of going to Greenland to learn how to build kayaks from the Inuit's (Eskimo's) by there traditional means. This may be done as an honours project at university continuing on from my B.A. in outdoor education.

Does anybody know if it would be possible to visit areas where traditional building takes place or have information of there traditional building methods?


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Greenland kayak builders
Rob Rymill -- 8/18/1998, 1:36 am
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Mark Kanzler -- 8/18/1998, 10:33 am
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Reggie Baker -- 8/18/1998, 10:11 am
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Jay Babina -- 8/18/1998, 8:18 am