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kevlar again
By:Stephen Bumb
Date: 8/16/1998, 10:35 pm

1 i wanted to thank everyone who responded to my last post i appreciate all the input i can get.

2 i,m sorry to bring this up again but i,m still not squared away on this topic.

my deductive resoning would led me to beileve that kevlar has good impact resistance do to its use in bullet proof vests. i am aware that many layers of kevlar are used in the construction of a vest and that may be what makes the vest efective. but i still think the basic material itself must have some impact resistance to be chosen for such an application.

Secondly. just after my first post on kevlar i received my copy of AIRCRAFT SPRUCE & specialty company. on page 29 , the catolog discusses composite materials, this is its description of kevlar " kevlar is highly resistant to impact but is rather difficult to work with for hand layup applications and its compressive strength is considered poor."

my question is , is the compressive strength of a material a good idicator of a materials impact resistance? (plate glass has very good compressive strength but i would say it has poor impact resistance.)

any comments would be appretiated

p.s. AIRCRAFT SPRUCE catolog is pretty good mostly for aircraft but good source for dacron . there web site is at i will try to post link below. you can order a catolog on line for free.


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