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My New Chesapeake Lt 16
By:Holli Brandt
Date: 8/16/1998, 8:27 pm

Hello - First of all I would like to thank all of those who helped me and my husband by answering all our posted messages about veneer and colored bungee. Today was splash down day ! ! ! I love it. The boat turns well, tracks nice and straight, has good intitial stability, secondary stability is excellent, handles chop and wind well and even surfs waves (very small non breaking ones)nicely. We used 4 mm Okhume plywood, 6 oz. glass on the outside and two fill coats of epoxy. Between my husband and myself working late night hours, the boat didn't take much time at all, about three weeks including varnishing. It weighs in at 35 pounds with adjustable foot pegs (that is all thanks to my husband who watched every ounce). To personalize my boat,I put a white ash veneer inlay on the bow. We put it on with contact cement and placed 2.3 ounce satin weaved fiberglass over it for protection. The inlay symbolizes my beliefs from my heritage - Modoc Native American from out west.

We have some digital photos we would love to show you, but are having trouble attaching them ?!?! Help ?!?! Thanks again - Holli and Jan

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