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elephant skin (saggy canvas)
By:Geoff Davis
Date: 8/15/1998, 11:41 am

I am constructing my 4th wood and canvas kayak. This project is an 18 1/2 ft double based on Norman Skene's 1923 Walrus.

I've never run into this problem before...but I'm sure that it isn't unique. I stretched the skin onto the frame 2 days ago. I was very pleased with the results. Yesterday I killed the weave with 2 coats of oil based paint and talcum powder. Last night it was still tight and the paint was fairly hard. We had a heavy dew and now my 'yak sports an "elephant skin". I am sure (I think) that the humidity allowed the skin to stretch and suspect that it will shrink (somewhat) when and if the humidity drops. What can I do to correct this (I suspect nothing). What can I do to avoid this in the future? Apply canvas damp? Only canvas on foggy days?

Thanks...I'm about ready to break her up for matchsticks!

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elephant skin (saggy canvas)
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