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Self rescue question
By:Lorenzo Cook
Date: 8/9/1998, 4:43 pm

I'am learning as many self rescue methods as I can and have been quite successful with the paddle float rescue using my plastic boat to practice. Has any devised a way to protect the deck of a wood boat from being gouged by the paddle shoved under the deck rigging aft of the cockpit. I have tried just holding the paddle and cockpit rim with one hand with some success, but the deck bungee rigging is more secure. I have seen some methods that hold paddle more securely on some boats, but I dont have any particulars.Anyone have a tried and true method to hold the paddle while doing the paddled float rescue that does not damage the boat?


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Self rescue question
Lorenzo Cook -- 8/9/1998, 4:43 pm
Re: Self rescue question
Jay Babina -- 8/10/1998, 11:32 am