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Re: Question is Why?
By:arnold banner
Date: 8/8/1998, 7:54 pm

George: I'm wondering about the "satin" lightweight glass you use, multi-layer. Do you have any data on peformance of several layers of light glass (being stronger than an equivalent weight of heavy glass)? Obviously more work to put on, but perhaps easier to control the effects. Why kevlar inside the boat?

> E-Glass is what everyone else sells in that fabric. I think that
> the lightest S-Glass that is commonly available is 5.4oz.

> The price difference has more to do with the quantities they
> purchase and sell and who they sell to.

> I can purchase 20 yd cuts of cloth from Fiberlay for less (per/yd
> cost) than I can purchase full rolls from a manufacturer that sells
> to Fiberlay.

> If I purchase a full roll, 700 yds, it will last me several years.
> I would have to charge for investing in that cloth (50%/year is a
> decent business investment return).

> If I sell to people who take up my time making a purchase (4
> or 5 calls before they purchase), I have to charge for that.

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Re: Question is Why?
arnold banner -- 8/8/1998, 7:54 pm