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minicell foam
By:Jerry Weinraub
Date: 8/8/1998, 7:26 pm

Does anyone know about minicell foam-What is it used for in the real world,what is it made from,and a source of it at better prices than the kayak catalogs?


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minicell foam
Jerry Weinraub -- 8/8/1998, 7:26 pm
Re: minicell foam
Paul Stomski -- 8/10/1998, 3:02 pm
Re: minicell foam
Jerry Weinraub -- 8/10/1998, 7:00 pm
Anybody have John Sweet's number?
Paul Stomski -- 8/10/1998, 7:39 pm
Re: Anybody have John Sweet's number?
Al Bratton -- 8/10/1998, 8:32 pm