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Re: Our differences are small
By:Nick Schade
Date: 8/7/1998, 12:05 pm

I think many of Georges techniques may make a stronger or lighter boat. He thinks the the "improvement" is required, I don't. That is the only real difference.

We are trying to accomplish different things. I want to use methods that are relatively easy and produce consistent results with a minimum of fuss. George is willing to do whatever it takes to make what he considers the "best" boat. I think that sometimes the better boat is the one that is easier to make. With the methods I use I get a boat that is overbuilt for most purposes. If I need it stronger, I add more cloth, if it weights more so-what. I have paddled a dozen different boats of my own without a failure and sent instructions to 100s of others with only one complaint (guess who). If George's methods make a stronger boat, it is still over-built so really nothing has been accomplished. If it is lighter weight that matters, I will be sure to wring out my sponge completely. For the average person 5 pounds of weight will not change their life.

George is making a lot of noise about minor "improvements" which I just don't think are too earth shattering. See ya next week, I'm going to Maine to risk my life in one of my death traps.

> I think most boats have too much wood for the amount of glass,
> Nick thinks it is about right.

> I save weight by reducing glass and wood by the same amount,
> Nick just reduces the glass.

> Nick believes that glue is suitable I don't.

> I fill the weave with an extra layer of glass, Nick uses epoxy.

> No real differences, I guess.

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Re: Our differences are small
Nick Schade -- 8/7/1998, 12:05 pm