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Water Migration
By:Mike Spence
Date: 8/6/1998, 11:18 pm

> If the glue joint gets wet the water will migrate through the
> wood causing the problems you indicate.

With a boat built with wood glue, I can believe this. However, it seems that the ultimate effects of this are debatable, given evidence recently submitted by Nick. Please see link below.

> If the glue joint is epoxy the water will not migrate.

Along or across the strips? It will certainly travel along the strips regardless of the adhesive used, but even with your method of "washing" the interior with epoxy after stripping, won't water migrate _across_ the strips at the points where you used dabs of regular wood glue? Using your technique, the water will spread just as far, but pehaps not as quickly. I'm not picking on you George, :-) but do you think there's any difference in bond strength between strips epoxied together using your method and strips epoxied directly (the hard and slow way)? I'm just wondering how uniformly the epoxy soaks in between the strips.

Mike Spence

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Water Migration
Mike Spence -- 8/6/1998, 11:18 pm