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epoxy drying tmie
By:Brian Ramoly
Date: 8/6/1998, 3:55 pm

A few weeks ago I posted a message about the paddle I was carving out of a single piece of ash wood. Yesterday and today I fiberglassed the tips of the paddle blades and put on a thin coat of epoxy on the entire paddle. The epoxy is West System with their fast hardener.

My question is how long do I need to wait before I begin varnishing? And how many coats of Z Spar Captain's varnish will it take to protect the epoxy from UV exposure. Can I stop at two coats and go paddling?

I would like to be using this paddle weekend after next. The baidarka I am building should be finished by then.

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epoxy drying tmie
Brian Ramoly -- 8/6/1998, 3:55 pm
Re: paddle finishing
Paul Jacobson -- 8/7/1998, 4:54 pm