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Wooden Kayak Rendezvous
By:Nick Schade
Date: 8/3/1998, 4:22 pm

Last year the Newfound Woodworks put together a wooden canoe and kayak rendezvous. We are doing it again this year on Septembr 19th. It was a lot of fun. There were only a half dozen kayaks last year but there were almost 30 canoes. I would like to see a better turn out of kayaks this year. I know some of the readers of this BBS made it last year and have now finished their boats.

It is held in Meredith, NH which is 2 hours from Boston. There will be a variety of demonstrations, classes and activities not to mention a chance to talk with other builders, see their work and try some boats. You don't need to have built anything so that means Mark K. would be welcome.

There is a (evolving) web page with info at:

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