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Kayak is done!!!
By:David Semrad
Date: 8/1/1998, 1:48 am

My stitch and glue from Nicks offsets is done. Four weeks of 4 days each. I used luaun plywood with flush hatches that release from the inside of the cockpit. If the hatches continue to keep out water and someone is interested I'll try and post a drawing. Until yesterday I had never sat in a kayak. I have always used a tripping canoe that weighed 98 pounds and wasn't exactly capable of what I wanted. The kayak comes in at 51 pounds, glassed inside and out. What a difference when you have to climb 4 flights of stairs!!! Once it was finished I headed straight to the lake, now since I have not finished my paddle, I had to launch into the wind and paddle with my hands :) . I love the feel of a kayak and I can't wait to finish the paddle and go practice. Thanks everyone for the tips and especially Nick for this site. Now to the dismay of my girlfriend/assistant, I am looking forward to building a strip built, we just can't decide if it will be for me or her.

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Kayak is done!!!
David Semrad -- 8/1/1998, 1:48 am
Re: First kayak is done!!!
Tor-Henrik Furmyr -- 8/1/1998, 7:50 pm
Re: Kayak is done!!!
r-duvall -- 8/1/1998, 4:35 am