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Source for System 3 epoxy in Toronto wanted
By:Richard Moynes
Date: 7/30/1998, 12:46 pm

Anybody know where I can find System 3 epoxy in TorontoÉ (sorry, thatès supposed to be a question mark - @?$%@$% Windows 98 seems to have hosed my keyboard). Anyway, weère building a couple of Pygmy kits - a Coho and an Osprey Std and weève run out of epoxy. Weère just about finished - only 1 more bulkhead each, rudder pedals, some taping and seal the holes for the deck rigging. Weève been using some stuff I got at Noahès, but itès terrible. I donèt know the brand name, itès out in the garage but it says Cold Cure on the label. I told them what I needed it for, and thatès what they suggested. It has a wicked smell that clings to your hair and clothes, and it has a tendency to bead, like water on a freshly waxed car.

If I canèt find any System 3, howès West System epoxy to work withÉ Noahès also carries that.



P.S. - any comments regarding my francais keyboard will be forwarded to :-)

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