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Re: Deck line rigging
Date: 7/29/1998, 10:11 am
In Response To: Deck line rigging (Alec)

What size screws? Length is only part of the size description. So to is thread design. That's why drywall screws hold so well. Oversize threads to really dig in with. If you're worried, you can always buy larger screws. You can also drill out the hole for the screw oversize, fill it with epoxy, and screw into the epoxy.

> I am finishing my boat and am about to put the deck lines on
> the boat. I have already varnished the entire boat, hatches and all.
> I purchased some deck rigging eyelets from Great River Outfitters
> amd they came with stainless steel screws. The screws are about 1/2"
> long. Are these going to be sufficient for the boat? I don't want
> them to tear out. Any ideas or suggestion appreciated.

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