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Seeking Expedition Members or Ex-Cancer sufferers
By:Gareth Dart
Date: 7/27/1998, 7:59 am

I am currently organising an expedition for the Year 2000/1 to kayak from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska. We should have full funding and hope to have the expedition filmed into a doccumentary. I myself am an ex-cancer sufferer (had it age 18) who has fully recovered - We are trying to promote to anone (in particular youngsters) undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer that you can not only recover from the disease, but you can also go on to make great achievements. I trying to find anyone who is interested in helping in any way for this expedition and more specifically anyone who had cancer at an early age who is now into sea kayaking. Or perhaps anyone who has completed this trip who can give advice or wishes to join us on the expedition. I hope this is not an abuse of this bulletin board, but I look forward to recieving a response from anyone with comments or help. Please mail me: Wish us luck!