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Re:But what size Cockpit ?
By:Nick Schade
Date: 7/23/1998, 5:02 pm

I use neoprene spray-skirts which stretch to fit just about anything. If you prefer nylon, they come with an adjustable shock-cord. Most of my cockpits accept a spray skirt meant for the old perception dancer, which is a standard size.

> The most important issue in cockpit design is making it fit a
> commercially available sprayskirt.

> Share with us what sprayskirt fits your cockpit plans.

> I believe that the Perception whitewater skirts fit most boats
> from whitewater to almost the CLC touring cockpit - but they are adjustable.

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Re:But what size Cockpit ?
Nick Schade -- 7/23/1998, 5:02 pm
Re: My apologies to anyone who uses the cockpit drawing.
Mark Kanzler -- 7/23/1998, 5:28 pm