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Re:But what size Cockpit ?
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 7/23/1998, 10:32 am

Just how consistent are commercial kayaks? The one I drew up has a 74.4 (~74-3/8) inch perimeter at the curve shown.

Are they measured at the extreme largest perimeter of the coaming lip, or at the base of the lip where it meets the coaming's wall?

> The most important issue in cockpit design is making it fit a
> commercially available sprayskirt.

> Share with us what sprayskirt fits your cockpit plans.

> I believe that the Perception whitewater skirts fit most boats
> from whitewater to almost the CLC touring cockpit - but they are adjustable.

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Re:But what size Cockpit ?
Mark Kanzler -- 7/23/1998, 10:32 am