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filling in a hole were an access port was
By:Steve Bradbury
Date: 7/12/1998, 9:22 pm

Well-i guess that now I am working on the hull -I may as well take care of the rest of the boat as well-- There are 2- 6" access ports- front and back-both are offset ,and are in lousy positions and interfere with deck lines and bungees that i would like to fill in and then put in Larger hatches to accomodate more gear--I would be placing the new hatches away from the old opening

My plan would be to build a hatch template- lay the new hatch opening out --then cut it out of the deck so i have internal access-- then measure and cut a piece of ply to match the round 6" opening-and glass in place--using the opening for the new hatch to work thru--Would this need reinforced underneath--IE: cutting a larger circle and glassing into place --then using the top circle as a filler?

Then proceed with doing a rectangular or square hatch in the same manner as i have been reading about.

Does this sound like the correct procedure? Advice -comments-?? Thanks again ya'll Steve

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filling in a hole were an access port was
Steve Bradbury -- 7/12/1998, 9:22 pm
Re: filling in a hole were an access port was
Paul Jacobson -- 7/13/1998, 12:27 pm