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Rotton spot in S+G
By:Steve Bradbury
Date: 7/13/1998, 12:26 am

Howdy Ya'll- I was just fixing to do some repaint work on my wifes S+G and fond a split in the bottom of the hull-- on further examination i found a really soft spot --under the rear bulhead-- i popped the split open with a pocket knife and exised a bunch of disintigrated wood --the area squared off is approximately 2"X4"-- now my question -- do i fill the void with epoxy Shmutz-- and then reglass--or would cutting a ruff match of ply and filling the void with that -then glassing over it be better?

I bought this boat used --and have no idea of the type of material was used-- I suspect it was done using Polyester----and Luan.

Well I look forward to responces-- and thanks in advance-- Steve

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Rotton spot in S+G
Steve Bradbury -- 7/13/1998, 12:26 am
Re: Rotton spot in S+G
Paul Jacobson -- 7/12/1998, 8:34 pm