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By:jim wightman
Date: 7/12/1998, 1:05 am

I'm part way through my first stitch and glue project, CLC Chesapeake 17. Taped and epoxied the inside of the hull. Flipped it over, cut the copper ties and sanded the bottom of the hull. Congratulated myself on the absolutely perfect keel line and stern. Then I noticed that the bow appears twisted. Looks like the bottom panels and the chine panels did not mate in a perfect straight line, thus the bow has a slight buldge. It's difficult to figure out a way to tell how far things are off and what to do about it. I've been trying to sand off the buldge, but the plywood on one side is getting a little thin. I'm thinking that a bow that is not perfect with respect to the centerline of the boat could create some real problems. Any ideas? Could I build up the other side of the buldge with some extra fiberglass and epoxy. Is this problem apt to be a bid deal?

Thanks for any ideas.



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Back to crooked chessies
jim wightman -- 7/12/1998, 1:05 am
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