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Japan drier for varnish...When?
By:Andy Gere
Date: 7/10/1998, 12:49 pm

Does anyone have some guidelines on when to use Japan drier in varnish? I'll be using Captain's Spar, and the evening temps in my shop get down to about 60 at night. I could pre heat the shop, but to keep dust down, I don't want to run the heat after the varnish is applied. What about humidity, is it a factor? How much Japan drier is enough? My goal is to do a coat each evening after work and get the job done in a week. Is this realistic? Thanks,

Andy Gere

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Japan drier for varnish...When?
Andy Gere -- 7/10/1998, 12:49 pm
Re: Japan drier for varnish...When?
Jay Babina -- 7/13/1998, 8:34 am
Re: Japan drier for varnish...When?
Rob Cochrane -- 7/11/1998, 9:49 am