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I had an awesome weekend (My boat doesn't go left anymore!)
By:Shawn Baker
Date: 7/8/1998, 11:10 am

I took my Chesapeake 17 up to Flathead Lake in Northeastern Montana for the 4th of July weekend. I haven't had it in anything bigger than 1-2' chop and finally had a chance to see it perform. With all of the motorboats, the lake was a ZOO, but it gave me some great waves.

I was paddling out of the mouth of a bay and a big 23 or 25 foot motorboat came screaming out of the bay with two tubers in tow. (Not that I minded the boats - I was looking for waves.) When the wake broke across the mouth of the bay and across the flats outside the bay, it created 3.5-4 foot waves and I got to surf 'em!!!

The Chesapeake handled beautifully. It really sliced across the face of the wave and gave me good enough speed to stay in the wave.

I also took 2 different 5 mile paddles out across the lake and around a large island that was a bird sanctuary. On the private island right next to the sanctuary, I met up with another paddler and we saw two beautiful juvenile bald eagles sitting on a log right next to the shore. Farther around the sanctuary, I saw 10 canvasbacks.

It was the perfect inland paddling weekend. (to keep this on topic: I don't notice my boat drifting to the left anymore!) Of course, I had some really great distractions!