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Re: Linseed oil combustion test
By:Don Beale
Date: 9/25/2001, 5:50 pm
In Response To: Linseed oil combustion test (Brian Nystrom)

Ive always taken others's word for it, that it will ignite. And Ive read of several shop fires caused by it. I suppose I could crumple up a rag in the wood stove, along with tinder, and check it in the morning to see if it went off. Did yours tend to simply ignite, or was there pressure inside it? Fire the stove can handle, but explosion is not a good idea...

I usually drape the rag over the top of the remaining oil, so I can re-use it the next day.

: I hope this puts the risks of spontaneous combustion into perspective
: somewhat. Those of you who use oil finishes may want to repeat this test
: under controlled conditions. I'd be interested in your results.

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