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Heat & Humidity
By:Jim Ward
Date: 7/6/1998, 1:00 pm

I was hoping to complete my CLC stitch-n-glue hull in my temperature and humidity controlled basement and then move it out to my garage to attach the deck, etc. But, this won't be possible. I have to move it to the garage now, before I attach the side and bottom panels and begin the fillet and glassing. Garage temperature 50 - 100+ degrees at this time of year with high humidity.

So... I was wondering how the high temperatures and humidity would affect the Okoume plywood, the epoxy curing, and the fiberglassing process. I know the wood is going to swell up considerably from what it is now in my 60 degree low humidity basement.

I suspect a lot of you have built your kayaks in hot humid garages. What have you experienced in these conditions?

Thanks for any input you may have.

Jim Ward

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Heat & Humidity
Jim Ward -- 7/6/1998, 1:00 pm
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