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How to fix fiberglass troubles?
Date: 7/6/1998, 11:27 am

1) I glassed the outside of my S&G this weekend. It turned out much better than I thought it would for my first time. But I had some trouble with my darts at the bow and stern so I just put a strip of FG tape over them. Now I have a big bump at the edges of the tape that I would like to smooth out. Do I just sand down the edges then wet with epoxy so I don't get white spots from the glass?

2) Another thing I had a lot of trouble with was bringing together two layers of glass. On my Greenland paddle I wrapped 6oz glass around it but could not find a good way for the two edges to meet on the side, so I just left it ragged. Now I am going to have to slice off the extra and do a bunch of sanding. If you have any suggestions on a better way to do this next time it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, CHad

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How to fix fiberglass troubles?
CHad -- 7/6/1998, 11:27 am
Re: How to fix fiberglass troubles?
David Walker -- 7/6/1998, 9:08 pm