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Re: Fit out opinions?
By:Jim Pace
Date: 9/14/2001, 10:36 pm
In Response To: Fit out opinions? (Dan St. Gean)

: I'm getting ready to join the deck and hull and have just finished cutting
: out the hatches. What sort of deck gear/fittings do you recommend? How
: about the seat, backband, and hip area. What are some of your favorite
: products/ideas to use for your own Kayaks?

Hi Dan,

Personally, I like soft web loops on the deck to secure the bungies - ala Joe Greenley. The 'happy bottom' seat suits me well, but I've heard good things about Joe's custom made seats, too. Hips pads, etc. are best fashioned out of minicell after you've paddled it a bit.

Jim Pace

Your email address wouln't happen to be for the Geneva, IL school district, would it? If so, we're neighbors.

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