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Urethane foam stripper?
By:Preston Seu
Date: 7/5/1998, 4:00 pm

Any thoughts on using foam strips to replace wood in strip built kayaks?

I am considering using rigid urethane foam strips as a subsitute for wood. I plan to build a 2 foot kayak test section and some flat test panels with 1/4" x 3/4" foam strips. Wood strips would be used in high load areas like the shear, coaming and keel. Aircraft Spruce has Last-A-Foam urethane/polyester foam with a desity of 6 pounds per cubic foot. This stuff is less than $3.25 per square foot in 3/4" thickness. This foam in densities of up to 18 pounds per cubic foot is available.

I am not sure what weight and number of layers of fiberglass will be used. I have not done the calculations for what this sandwich needs to be. Point loading (like hitting rocks) seems like the worst case problem.

Foams strips would not be as pretty as wood but could be quicker to build and lighter.

The deck could be all or partially wood for visual effects.

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