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Re: deck re-attach
By:Paul Jacobson
Date: 7/4/1998, 1:27 am
In Response To: Re: deck re-attach (Jim Loudon)

> Paul, Thanks for the great suggestions! Forgive my ignorance
> but what do you mean by fillit material? Do you mean to thicken the
> epoxie with some type of additive? You got me wondering of simply
> using the pop rivits again untill it sets up and then snapping them
> off. Do you think they would hold better than wire?

Fillet is how I usually see it spelled, but Fill It seems to be a good term, too. this is just some resin (epoxy in this case, please) with a thickening agent added to give it the consistency of putty, and keep it from ronning all over the place before it sets. Fine sawdust is cheap, and I have read the common household flour (like you bake cakes and bread with) works fine, too. Any place that sells fiberglass materials and resins wil have a variety to chose from. Since you are using a thickend resin as a bonding glue, in addition to a strip of fiberglass cloth on the outside, and inside, you do not need to worry about stuffing the voids with any other materials. The thickend epoxy should be fine. Of course, for a gap of 1/4 inch or more I'd put in som scrap wood shims, just to fill some of the space. The wood is a lot cheaper than the resin. Paul Jacobson

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