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Blowing is better
Date: 7/2/1998, 11:17 pm

After much consternation and deciding to paint the hull of my 21' S&G, I upgraded the air system and bought a HVLP gun to blow the two-part polyurethane on to the waiting hull. Rob cochrane recommended blowing and I followed his lead and helpful posts. The project started with a search for a two-part that could be rolled on. I found the paint, ordered and waited for two weeks for it to arrive. I used the rollers that the dealer recommended and they essentially delaminated during the second coat.

Lots of wet sanding later and I went to the blown on approach. It looks great and I can recommend the paint and gun approach for all others that are thinking about two-part polyurethane paints. What I would not do is buy the paint without the thinner that is recommended. I had to wait for THREE weeks for the thinner to arrive. Good decision, as the paint WILL NOT clean up with regular thinner. It probably would have gone on just fine without the thinner but the clean-up would have been a disaster. I would probably buy the paint from an auto paint store for alot more options on "mind blowing colors." Credit that quote to Rob. After sanding off all the fuzz and waiting THREE weeks for the thinner, I can report that it was worth the wait. This stuff is tough and REAL glossy. Launch next week. The paint and varnish took longer than it did to build the beast but... Thanks for all the help. Brian.

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Blowing is better
Brian -- 7/2/1998, 11:17 pm
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Rob Cochrane -- 7/3/1998, 4:43 pm
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Chuck Newland -- 7/4/1998, 8:09 pm