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Re: Very impressive Davidhopper
By:David Marx
Date: 8/23/2001, 1:07 pm
In Response To: Very impressive Davidhopper (Dan Ruff)

Dan, here are some answers
: Yours looks like it is mainly plywood.
It is pretty much traditional S&G construction

: Is that platform a fold-out bed?
Yes. The rear half will slide over the cab.

: looks to be at the same level as the cab's roof. Any trouble climbing up there to go to sleep?

: Do you put a foam mattress on it?
Yes but the actual ones to be used are not done yet

: Where did you get the windows?
I contacted a canopy manufacturer who gave me their resource.

: How long did it take to build, and how much were the materials?
Time is tough to say. I spent a lot of time diliberating and put it on hold to build a boat. As this was a prototype, I know the next one will be a lot quicker. Cost is mostly in the windows, but good fabric for the top and foam/fabric for the mattress is also not cheap. I have about $700 -800 into it.

Thanks to all for the compliments

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