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Re: flush deck hardware
By:peter czerpak
Date: 8/10/2001, 12:10 pm
In Response To: flush deck hardware (David Reid)

: Hi, I'm new to this bulletin board. I was looking for specific methods of
: making flush deck hardware. I'll gladly buy a book if it includes good
: info. Thanx

You can also drill a hole in your deck, thread your bungie through it, knot the end and then seal the hole with silicon.

Another option is to cut a slot in your deck, feed a bonded loop of webbing thru it, and then seal the hole with silicone. you can then run your bungies thru the loop of webbing. I used this method on the last boat. you can cut the slot oversize too and fill with epoxy before drilling it out. This idea came from joe greeley of redfish kayaks and ross leidy has a few nice pictures on his webpage about it.

pete czerpak
albany, NY

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