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Opinions on Venture 14
By:Preston Seu
Date: 6/30/1998, 12:37 am

The Pygmy boats were finished a year ago. The birth pains have been forgotten so it's time to look for another project. I'm going to do it the same way as before, I build the wife's boat first. The smaller boat is easier to work with and it makes her happy. With the Pygmy boats her Golden Eye 13 came out better than my Golden Eye High Volume. I think I was over confident on the second boat.

Has anybody built a Venture 14 Sport Kayak designed by Steve Killing? The plans are sold by Bear Mountain Boat Shop and kits are sold by Classic Boat Kits. This is my first stripper boat so I'm considering a kit. Any experience with Classic Boat kits?

Thank you for any opinion you can give.

- Preston Seu

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Opinions on Venture 14
Preston Seu -- 6/30/1998, 12:37 am
Re: Opinions on Venture 14
larry -- 7/4/1998, 11:07 am