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Stiching help.
Date: 6/26/1998, 9:24 am

Hey all,

I've got my CLC stitched together and am planning to tape the seams this weekend but I am a little nervous to make everything permanent. I have an oil can low spot (reference: hull upside down) right under the cockpit. I know I need to work it out before I tape but I am not sure of the best method. The instructions say to relax some stitches and insert some shims (low) or remove some stitches and plane(high). I tried wedging some match sticks in the low spot last night and that seemed to correct the line of the keel but it made a nice gap. Now should I just put some more matches and tape over the gap and be happy or should I take things apart and plane on both sides of the low spot. It does not have to be perfect but yet I want it to be a good as I can get it.

I would be happy to hear what you all have to say, but if you post after today(Friday) it will probably be too late because I have to get it taped this weekend.

Thanks in advance, CHad

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Stiching help.
CHad -- 6/26/1998, 9:24 am
Re: Stiching help.
Rick Rubio -- 6/27/1998, 12:38 am
Re: Stiching help.
NPenney -- 6/26/1998, 10:25 am
Stitching help. (Please excuse my spelling.)
Chad Whipple -- 6/26/1998, 9:32 am