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Re: Surprised by darkening wood
By:peter czerpak
Date: 7/20/2001, 10:07 am
In Response To: Surprised by darkening wood (Ross Leidy)

Hi Ross:

I had some hatch marks left on my Chessapeake hatches after I've left it in the sun for some hours a few times post paddling. I have never tried to "tan" the hatches to match since I can't see the hatch marks unless the hatches are undone.

Consider sending your boat to a tanning saloon if it bugs you too much.

Your OI is sweet looking!

best regards,
pete czerpak
albany, NY

PS. The above mentioned boat had 3 coats of the varnish that CLC sells on it too!

: I took my Outer Island paddling with Jim Kozel yesterday evening after work
: (well, after a day of being at my place of employment). I had the boat on
: the car all day, sitting in the sun, and when I unloaded it at the lake, I
: found that there were light stripes on the deck where the straps had been.
: They're faint, but I saw them immediately. Still, this kind of threw me
: because I have 3 coats of Flagship on the boat. And, that's 3 coats with
: no sanding in between (I had to get it on the water!). Given that Z-Spar
: claims Flagship has 6x the UV protection of Captains, I thought I'd be
: pretty safe from the effects of UV. Is the darkening of the surounding
: wood caused by something other than UV? Anyone else experiencing this on a
: varnished boat?

: Ross

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