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Got my next boat project on order!
By:Paul Stomski
Date: 6/24/1998, 5:08 pm


I just ordered a Pygmy GoldenEye 13' kit. This is their stitch and glue offering for kids and small adults.

Anyone out there built one of these?

Any comments on the quality or support from Pygmy?

Any construction tips? (I've already read the old posts on stitch and glue methods and problems.)

MY IMPRESSION OF PYGMY: During my research into options for a quick and easy kids boat, I was very impressed with Pygmy's customer relations. They are a friendly and nice group of folks. They were helpful, and prompt in replying to my questions, and working with me to find cheap way to get the panels shipped to Hawaii. When they said they would call me back at a certain day/time, they did. (That's a pet peave of mine.)

I was also impressed with their method of fabricating the panels, using a computer controlled Laser cutter. (That's the way I'd do it if I were in the business!)

Since I'll be modifying it into a self bailing sit-on-top, I just ordered the plywood panels and temporary forms instead of an entire kit. I had enough fiberglass left over from the stripper project I just completed, to to this little boat. So is should work out pretty good.

I wonder if it is unusual for a boat builder to build a stripper first, and then make the second boat a stich and glue? I would expect it to normally work the other way around! But there ya go, I've got it all Bass Ackwards Again!!!


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Got my next boat project on order!
Paul Stomski -- 6/24/1998, 5:08 pm
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Preston Seu -- 6/27/1998, 1:23 am
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Rick Rubio -- 6/24/1998, 8:11 pm