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Back rest construction
By:Matthew Bastian
Date: 6/24/1998, 1:36 pm

I am trying to come up with a good back rest and I'm not having the greatest success. How are others making (or not) their backrest.

I'll try to explain what I've tried so far and some of my reasonings.

First off I tried to make the backrest as per Nick's instructions. I found that I could not make the backrest come up high enough to give me good back support.

I now have a plastic "L" shaped bracket that with velcro is attached to the back of the backrest and comes down to the bottom of the hull and tucks under the seat. This is what you see in the picture.

There are a few minor details to this set up that don't work well. The first is that the webing cleats tend to slip with applied pressure this then causes the "L" bracket to act as a prybar and pulls the seat loose from the hull.

I could fix the slippage problem with a bit of hot glue melt and perhaps hing my "L" bracket but is this worth persuing? As you can see from the picture I have the backrest extreamly high up. Is this too high?

To summarize my questions:

1) When is a backrest too high?

2) What alternatives are there? What are you other folks doing for backrests?

Thanks ...


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