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Re: Local Canvas Covering
Date: 6/30/2001, 9:05 pm
In Response To: Local Canvas Covering (Rick)

: Today I found canvas at a local fabric store. But no one who works there can
: tell me what the ounce per yard is or if it is even a #4 or #10 duck
: canvas. It is all on sale and they seem to have a variety of varying
: thicknesses. the brand manme is "Oak Hill" and "River
: Hill" So is there anyway to visually tell if it is thick enough? And
: will the colored ones affect the waterproofing of a kayak? Any input is
: appreciated.

: Rick

Hey Rick

It would be tough to describe canvas of any thickness or weight, but you can go by one of the tent and awning stores and get a little piece to compare. Or, find someone who does know. Hard to believe someone at a store selling something can't tell you what it is. ????


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