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Fat fingers weak mind :D
Date: 6/27/2001, 5:55 pm
In Response To: Please write a book Russ. Your good. *NM* (John Monfoe)

Yeah it was quite an expereince,
Not sure I'd be much of a book writer. Judging by all the typos and spell-os, I'd guess any editor worth there salt would report me to my high school teacher and recommend a public hanging. :D Fat fingers weak mind I guess.

Funny thing, after I posted this, I learned how common this expereince seems to be. Off board I heard a couple other similar stories. (minus the snapping turtle- LOL) The best was about a friend of mine practicing surf landings on a lonely stretch of Washington State beach few months ago. She was on a stretch of beach that has surf for about 1/2 mile out In any case, She got blown out of her boat. By the time she and her husband arrived on shore, she lugging her boat, she found 3 local cops, a state trooper and two ambulances. I can only guess the helecopter was in route. :D Turns out, someone driving by, had reported her blow out, on a cell phone and kept driving; not actually checking to see if her head popped up again.

As for my shake down, its a good bunch of neighbors/ rescue squad. I guess I'd rather live in a place where folks care for the sawdust kid and jump in when they think its needed. Still, for all of that, I think I am going to have to do some sensitivity training on the strange things kayakers do. :D

Well I gotta get to fixing on those leaky hatch gaskets.

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Fat fingers weak mind :D
!RUSS -- 6/27/2001, 5:55 pm
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