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Searching foldable kayaks
By:Henri Derschum
Date: 6/22/1998, 3:17 pm

Hello out there, first time for me, first question: Does anyone know of where to get plans or blueprints for foldable kayaks, or is there someone selling folding kits for self assembly? Maybe I just missed it. Otherwise I am going to try to convert a normal building-plan into a foldable version... Thanks for replies HENRI

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Searching foldable kayaks
Henri Derschum -- 6/22/1998, 3:17 pm
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Roger Tulk -- 6/23/1998, 9:48 am
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Rob Cochrane -- 6/23/1998, 5:36 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 6/23/1998, 7:14 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 6/23/1998, 7:13 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 6/23/1998, 7:10 pm
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Mark Kanzler -- 6/23/1998, 7:09 pm
Re: Foldable kayaks
Mark Kanzler -- 6/23/1998, 7:06 pm