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Re: Glassing a Guillemot - How Much Glass?
By:tom preska
Date: 6/27/2001, 3:08 am
In Response To: Glassing a Guillemot - How Much Glass? (Dave H)

It all depends on what kind of layup you are doing. I just bought the glass for my heron from raka and instead of going with the 38" width I went with 60" wide cloth. That way I could cut it in half to save money (thanks pete). You can also cut the glass on a bias and use the triangles left over to peice together an inside layer of glass though I haven't done this. I ordered 13 yards of 3.75 ounce. That is enough for me to do the whole boat inside and out. I ordered an extra 6 yards of 2.3 ounce cloth for an extra layer on the bottom. (all together this is still a light layup.) I plan on taking it easy with this boat. wether or not the submerged obstacles take it easy on me is another question.

just make sure that a 60" glass will go around your hull and your deck. For me it just fit at the heron's hulls widest but I could have always cut the glass off center because the deck usually requires less or employed some creative cutting by nesting the cut outs.

Have fun!


: Nick's book lists the amount of glass needed for a guillemont as 27 yds, but
: "you can get by with much less."

: I am planning on buying the glass soon, and don't want to buy any extra. I
: have built canoes, and so do not believe I will waste too much. I
: anticipate a normal layup w/ 6 oz glass from Raka.

: How much should I buy?

: Thanks

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