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No-Octane Regatta
By:Mac Buhler
Date: 6/22/1998, 5:48 am

The Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake, a little over two hours north of Albany, puts on the no-octane regatta each year. It is a fun show. Only wooden boats are allowed and there are all kinds of races and other fun events.

As one would suspect, there are probably more Adirondack Guide boats than any other design, but there were lots of canoes, a few kayaks, several sail boats, and a lot of row boats.

There were probably 100 wooden boats there, but clearly the outstanding boat was a canoe built by Philip Greene from South Carolina. He had 16 foot canoe along the lines of a Bob's Special, with spectacular workmanship. He has a retail price tag of $8,000. Considering the looks of it, it is worth the asking price.

Judy Kleindist and her partner Jennifer build spectacular looking kayaks. All of the woodworking is great; they even have hand carved turtles holding the shock cord on the hatches. They are beautiful.

John Goddard manned a table for Newfound Woodworks. Newfound's new catalog looks great.

Nick's new book was the hottest item during the time I relieved John so he could have lunch.

My ten-year old daughter and I participated in the father's day race. We paddle our Redbird and came in first in canoes, but second to an Adirondack Guide boat. It was a crowded field with some jousting at the turn.

The no-octane regatta is a really fun event. I recommend it for next year.


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