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Workspace, tools -- and a business opportunity?
By:Paul Jacobson
Date: 6/22/1998, 2:48 am

I have encountered a site that may be of interest to some on this board.

Peg and Dowel has tools to use, and a space to use them. Apparently they also would like to grow by franchising this idea.

I'm not sure about working with them as a franchisee, but I do like their business concept. It seems to me that anyone could approach their local lumberyard and harware stores about creating a similar situation in their community. If the commercial places are not interested, schools and park districts might be persuaded to offer similar programs as classes or recreational programs.

The advantages to the home boat builder are that these places have tools that you would use infrequently. For example, a table saw or band saw for ripping strips. Or, a router or shaper for creating the bead and cove edges. Or, a surface planer to smooth those strips and bring them to an exact, even, thickness, thus saving a lot of sanding. People who wish to build in cold weather would have an area that was heated, well lit, and large enough.

The possibility of having company while you work is also intriguing.

Perhaps others have heard of similar places.

Paul Jacobson

Oh, I what I really, really liked about this site was that they had a photo of a wooden boat in their workshop. Every workshop should have a boat in it.

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