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Re: epoxy question
By:Julie Kanarr
Date: 6/23/2001, 10:16 am
In Response To: epoxy question (Delaney)

: Could some one help me out. I'm pretty ignorant on epoxy. My rudimentary
: understanding of the process involves combining a resin with a hardener to
: form epoxy. I'm building a Guillemot using Nick's book and he recommends
: putting a sealer coat of resin on the kayak before wetting out the glass.
: Is my assumption right that when he says resin he is using it
: interchangeably with epoxy. Is there anytime when just the resin or
: hardener would be used by themselves? Thanks for the help.

: Delaney
: Albany, OR

Your assumption is correct: the word "resin" is sometimes used interchangeably with "epoxy" -- (an imprecise use of language, to be sure, and a source of confusion, but it happens.)

There is absolutely NO time when the resin or hardener would be used by themselves, without being mixed in the proper ratio. (Last year my elderly stepfather, having trouble comprehending the directions, painted unmixed resin on the ends of the hull panels of a Pygmy Coho..... until intercepted by my mother, whereupon the whole project got shipped to me... leaving me with the task of removing the resin residue. It was a sticky mess. (I wound up using acetone & a scraper to get it off..and yes, I wore a respirator and worked in a ventilated area...) In the end, it all turned out okay (with a few minor cosmetic blemishes), but I can vouch for the fact that this is NOT how it is supposed to be done!

Julie Kanarr

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