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Re: Correct techinque
By:Mark Kanzler
Date: 6/21/1998, 12:34 pm

Thanks. That's what I suspected. Ideally the solution is to avoid getting glue where it doesn't belong, but the world isn't perfect, and niether am I.

> Let the glue set until it is set but not hard all the way through
> (20-40 minutes). Wipe off with a knife used as a scraper.

> If you scrape too soon the glue is smeared all over. If too late
> the wood chips off.

> You can get most of the glue off this way. It really saves sanding
> time.

> Solvents don't work. Water disolves the glue. The water you wipe
> off removes some of the glue. Water that evaporates leaves glue deep
> in the wood pores.

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Re: Correct techinque
Mark Kanzler -- 6/21/1998, 12:34 pm