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Re: Escaping the heat
By:Pete Rudie
Date: 6/20/2001, 11:45 am
In Response To: Escaping the heat (Greg Morse)

Dittos on R2K1. I have a couple boats, and a third half done, and would welcome your visit. Coincidentally, I am working on a HFH house in Snoqualmie Ridge as we speak! Same subdivision????

: Any Seattle area kayak builders open for visitation and/or paddling in
: August? I live in Phoenix but will be in Snoqualmie,WA participating in a
: Habitat For Humanity blitz build Aug 6-18. Would like to see some of these
: boats up close and personal, maybe get together for a paddle. My Guillemot
: forms are pretty much done. Cedar is being cut to managable size at the
: lumber yard. Workshop (garage) is about 110 degrees at 8pm and the resin
: would cure in the can without the hardner.

: Please contact me via email address above.

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