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Re: A Li'l Dab L Do Ya :)
Date: 6/17/2001, 2:37 pm
In Response To: hot glue? (daren neufeld)

: hi all;
: well, here we go again! the first four strips are on my spring run. without
: any steenking staples! :) the question i have for the experts is, how much
: hot glue is enough to hold the stations in place in the hull and yet not
: make it a horror to get the kayak off the forms when the time comes?
: tia;
: daren......


If you pick up the glue sticks " Made specifically for Wood " then you will only need a drop in the corner of each joint. Maybe a little more where the extra force is needed near the bow and stern areas. But also, in those areas the Hot Glue might not be enough and you'll need a clamp or two. Depends on the degree of pressure needed to force some pieces into place. Different strokes for different boats.

I used some white sticks that I had in stock to hold some false deck beams in place on my Walrus so I could move it and they all came loose from twisting the frame in moving. I used a solid bead of glue and it didn't hold very well. These are general purpose glue sticks and were originally used to hold drawer bottoms in place so joints would dry square. No movement or stress. So, get the wood glue sticks ( yellow I believe ) and you should be alright.


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