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Re: Almost there...
By:garland reese
Date: 6/9/2001, 10:09 pm
In Response To: Almost there... *Pic* (Ross Leidy)

: I took this photo of the foredeck right before I started sanding the boat in
: preparation for varnishing. Finally! I'm going to see if I can find a
: cheap ionizer like Edgar suggested to clear out the dust in the air.
: Sounded like a varnisher's dream machine.

: Another week or so and I should be on the water with the OI. Can't wait!

: Ross

: (another pic: )

Wow! Ross, you've done a fantastic job, as usual. I had hoped to get up your way this spring for another RSTI class.........looks like it will be another November trip for me though (November, as in NO chance to paddle!). Congrats on a fine job. Meghan is a rowing machine now.........I'm waiting on those Vaclav plans!!!

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garland reese -- 6/9/2001, 10:09 pm
Re: Almost there...
joaquin -- 6/9/2001, 2:54 pm
Beautiful work,,,you are a craftsman. *NM*
John Monfoe -- 6/9/2001, 5:48 am
Looks fantastic...more pics asap! *NM*
Bob Deutsch -- 6/8/2001, 9:31 pm
Re: serious beautiful; ross!! *NM*
daren neufeld -- 6/8/2001, 9:13 pm
AGAIN, the bar is raised! *NM*
Ray Port Angeles -- 6/8/2001, 6:38 pm
Very Nice
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 6/8/2001, 12:36 pm
Amazing the things Ross is able to do with wood! *NM*
edgar -- 6/8/2001, 12:33 pm
beautiful, ross!
mike allen ---> -- 6/8/2001, 11:27 am
Is that a drink holder on the front? *NM*
Jay Babina -- 6/8/2001, 10:31 am
Re: multi-purpose recess :) *Pic*
Ross Leidy -- 6/8/2001, 11:19 am
Re: looks just right for a can of MGD Lite :) *NM*
Ben Staley -- 6/8/2001, 11:17 am
Dang !! That is something else !! Fantastic Job !! *NM*
Ed -- 6/8/2001, 10:08 am
Beautiful boat Ross!!
Steve -- 6/8/2001, 9:22 am
Man its hard to keep up. Beautiful Ross *NM*
Elliott -- 6/8/2001, 9:10 am