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cockpit decision
By:Jim Ryan
Date: 6/19/1998, 2:25 pm

It's almost decision time. Construction of the Guillemot is going well and it's about time to decide whether I want to do a "flat deck" around the cockpit as suggested in the instructions, or whether I'd rather continue the main deck lines right up to the cockpit coaming. My instinct is to NOT do the flat deck around the cockpit and add internal knee braces if needed.

I hereby solicit comments and suggestions...thanks.

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cockpit decision
Jim Ryan -- 6/19/1998, 2:25 pm
Re: cockpit decision
Jerry Weinraub -- 6/20/1998, 1:45 pm
Re: I like it better now, than when I first did it.
Nick Schade -- 6/19/1998, 9:30 pm
Re: I skipped it with no regrets
Brian W -- 6/19/1998, 7:23 pm
A direct Link.
Mark Kanzler -- 6/19/1998, 7:45 pm
I like the "flat deck" (and a tip)
Pete Ford -- 6/19/1998, 5:12 pm
Re: cockpit decision - I wouldn't
Jim Gabriel -- 6/19/1998, 4:33 pm
Re: cockpit decision
Karl Coplan -- 6/19/1998, 2:41 pm