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Tiny circular saw
Date: 6/16/1998, 8:15 am

Makita makes a great little circular saw that may be handy when making a kayak, especially a strip built. A link describing it is attached. I've used them, and they are a great tool. I do have to admit, I don't have one in my home arsonal at the moment. Extremely light, quite powerfull, wonderfully manageable. I've stood there with one ripping 8" 2x4's until I was bored and quit. Not because the saw quit or the battery went dead.

The reason I suspect it could be very handy is for when you have to start triming down strips. With this tool, you could set depth to just barely strip thickness, and do the job right on the hull, using it instead of a pencil. I could be real wrong on its handyness for kayaks, but I figured I'd toss it out there.

B&D makes one too. But theirs is much more a full sized saw in personality. Bigger blade, heavier and bulkier unit, etc. More suited for house building and such imo.

I do not own stock in Makita, have no vested interest, blablabla.

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