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4 return ideas
By:mike allen --->
Date: 4/27/2001, 12:01 pm
In Response To: Guzzler 400 (Bill Sivori)

: I am going to install a guzzler 400 bilge pump in my Coho but would like to
: replace the heavy spring with something lighter so that it is not so hard
: to pump. I tried shortening the spring that came with it, but this is not
: going to work. I have searched the net and can find no stock spring yet
: that will do. Any suggestions?
: Thanks Bill

these are just ideas and probably won/t work as well as finding a weaker ss return spring from another application but:

a hinge foot pedal w/ a bungee tie on top w/ the knob attache to the ctr. the bungee provides the return

a foot strap on the button and use no spring, you pull your toes back to return.

or on the top of the rigid foot strap attach a bungee back.

or a just a line attached and move your knee sideways to return.

or why not get some thin ss wire and make your own spring, coil on a pc of wood and temper w/ a propane torch.

or could you untemper the spring, compress most of it, and retemper.

or a teeter from the button over to the other foot. push with that foot to return , the other to pump

but finding an alternative is prob the best. good luck


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